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Employment Opportunities

Use your talents at Cosmo Instruments, a rapidly growing company who is the one of the biggest market share in the industry!

  • We are a development-type venture company that manufactures and sells measurement instruments related to automation and labor-saving. Our major customers are the leading auto manufacturers and electronic and electric parts manufacturers in Japan.
  • Our automatic “Air Leak Testers”, our flagship products, have a top class share of the world market and we have eight sales offices in Japan and also sales and service offices in 14 countries overseas.
  • Our pressure and flow measurement instruments based on our original technologies are highly reliable and contribute to the quality improvement of a variety of industrial products.
  • Why don’t you work together with us at vibrant Cosmo Instruments?

General Recruitment

Currently we are not recruiting general workers or hiring mid-career workers.

Recruitment of Recent College Graduates

Starting salary University graduates: JPY 207,000 to 241,000 per month
Two-year college graduates: JPY 191,000 to 225,000 per month
(Information as of 2018 April)
Pay raise Once a year in April
Bonuses Twice a year (July and December) and a separate year-end bonus based on performance (April)
Working hours 8:30 to 17:30 (8 hours, including 1 hour break)
Days off and holidays Days off: five-day work with two days off (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays
Holidays: annual paid leave (10 days from 6 months after joining the company), summer and New Year holidays, leave for weddings and funerals
Benefits package Social insurance: health insurance, long-term care insurance, employees’ pension insurance, labor insurance, employment insurance
Benefits package: in-house loans and subsidies system, retirement benefit system (defined contribution pension system)
Education and training Initial Training: After joining the company (about 3 month)
Education: on-the-job training and Seminar participation, correspondence education, and various seminars
Working Location At Cosmo Head quarter (Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan)
Position available Engineering(Mechatronics,Software Design), Sales, Administration, Manufacturing, Service and Cosmo Group Calibration Laboratory
Qualification requirements A person who expected to graduate from a university, college and other institution from the end of March, 2019.
Or a person who has already graduated those institutions within three years.
(All applicants expected to have or plan to have a standard driver license in Japan)
How to apply Please contact us by telephone through your school and then either bring or mail us your graduation letter,  academic transcript, resume, and a health certificate.
Selection method Written test and interview
Selection location Headquarters
Contact Cosmo Instruments Co.,
Ltd.2974-23 Ishikawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0032
JapanTEL: +81-42-642-1357
JapanFAX: +81-42-646-2439
Contact person: Saito General Affairs Section, General Affairs Department