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Employment Opportunities

Use your talents at Cosmo Instruments, a rapidly growing company who is the one of the biggest market share in the industry!

  • We are a development-type venture company that manufactures and sells measurement instruments related to automation and labor-saving. Our major customers are the leading auto manufacturers and electronic and electric parts manufacturers in Japan.
  • Our automatic “Air Leak Testers”, our flagship products, have a top class share of the world market and we have eight sales offices in Japan and also sales and service offices in 13 countries overseas.
  • Our pressure and flow measurement instruments based on our original technologies are highly reliable and contribute to the quality improvement of a variety of industrial products.
  • Why don’t you work together with us at vibrant Cosmo Instruments?
  • Click here for the youtube channel! = cosmo instruments co., ltd.

Recruitment of Recent College Graduates

Starting salary University graduates: JPY 210,050 to 220,050 per month
Two-year college graduates: JPY 192,750 to 202,750 per month
(Information as of 2023 April)
Pay raise Once a year in April
Bonuses Twice a year (July and December) and a separate year-end bonus based on performance (March)
Working hours 8:30 to 17:30 (8 hours, including 1 hour break)
Days off and holidays Days off: five-day work with two days off (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays
Holidays: annual paid leave (10 days from 6 months after joining the company), summer and New Year holidays, leave for weddings and funerals
Benefits package Social insurance: health insurance, long-term care insurance, employees’ pension insurance, labor insurance, employment insurance
Benefits package: in-house loans and subsidies system, retirement benefit system (defined contribution pension system)
Education and training Initial Training: After joining the company (about 3 month)
Education: on-the-job training and Seminar participation, correspondence education, and various seminars
Working Location At Cosmo Head quarter (Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan)
Position available Engineering Division, Sales/Marketing Division, Quality Measurement Division
Qualification requirements A person who expected to graduate from a university, college and other institution from the end of March, 2025.
Or a person who has already graduated those institutions within three years.
(All applicants expected to have or plan to have a standard driver license in Japan)
How to apply Please contact us by telephone through your school and then either bring or mail us your graduation letter,  academic transcript, resume, and a health certificate.
Selection method Written test and interview
Selection location Headquarters
Contact Cosmo Instruments Co.,
Ltd.2974-23 Ishikawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0032
JapanTEL: +81-42-642-1357
JapanFAX: +81-42-646-2439
Contact person: Iwatsuki General Affairs Section, General Affairs Department