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Differential Pressure Transducer High response differential pressure type PT-161A/PT-162A/ PT-162A

PT-161A / PT-162A

High response differential pressure with 10kHz frequency rensponse

High response differential pressure transducer with 10kHz frequency rensponse. PT-161A for gases and PT-162A for gases & liquids. PT-162A comes with air-purge function.

Edge & Function


*Test with high response (Frequency response 10kHz)

*PT-162A can be used for both gases and liquids

*PT-162A is spalash proof type transducer and comes with air-purge function

*With one PT-161A & PT-162A, the usage of Differential pressure and Gauge pressure can be selected

*Built-in amplifier minimize the noise effect


PT-162A can be used as a difital pressure gauge if combining with DP gauge



Sensing element Fluoro silicone
Pressure media PT-161A: Air or non-corrosive gases
PT-162A: Water/Air or non-corrosive liquids and gases
Pressure type Differential presssure,
Gauge pressure (with Lo port open to the atmosphere)
Accuracy ±0.5% of F.S. (including the linearity, repeatability, and hysteresis))
Temperature characteristic Zero ±0.03% of F.S./℃
Temperature characteristic Span ±0.03% of F.S./℃
Allowable pressure 7kPa & 35kPa range: 140kPa
100kPa range: 300kPa
Maximum line pressure Within the allowable pressure shown above
Step response speed Frequency response 10kHz
99% Step response 0.5msec
Power source ±15VDC (Consumption current 10mA max)
Appearance PT-161A: (WxHxD) 42x44x39mm
PT-162A: (φxD) 54×76 (include 117 connector)mm
Weight PT-161A;  Approx. 185g
PT-162A: Approx. 500g
Pressure connection port Rc(PT)1/8
Ambient temperature 5~40℃
Pressure range 0~7kPa
Output voltage 0 to 5 VDC *Resistance:   min, 5kΩ
Signal connection PT-161A: With 2m cable
PT-162A: Without a cable with a connector
Option High precision ±0.3% of F.S.
Documents Traceability documents, Operation manual



PT-161A Appearance

PT-162A Appearance