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Abnormal noise detection system In-line tester


This system is capable of registering up to 99 items (Settings) to accommodate the various tested parts.
8 different judgement criteria allows to guarantee the high precision measurement.
In conjunction with external controllers, the automated test line can be realized.

Edge & Function

Supports a variety of models

A maximum of 99 items can be registered.

Can support production line of a variety of models.

Can respond to several abnormal noises through compound judgments.
Single and compound judgments on basis of judgment criteria of 8 kinds allows for high precision testing.

System update

Equipped with I/O port for linking with external controller
Multiplexer (optional) available for switching sensors
Construction of hammering test system possible by linking with impactor

Data output standard equipment (RS232C output)

RS232C output standard equipment for data management.

All kinds of ports

VGA port x 1: Monitor display
USB port x 2: Keyboard /mouse operation / Data storage media (HDD, Flash memory etc)
LAN port x 1: Ethernet connection

When connecting monitor

・Determination display (OK/NG)
・Item number/name display
・Waveform display (displays inputted waveform)
・Status display
・Mode selection (automatic/manual/set)
・Display details of determination

・Display analyzed waveform
・Choose display waveform (can choose from newest 8 data)
・Threshold correction


power seat,seat rail,air-conditioner blower,power sunshade,starter,power door mirror,power window,wiper motor,engine(four-wheel and two-wheel drive),horn,fan,brake pad,car audio,power steering,transaxle motor

・Electrical components
fan motor,small motor,pump,transformer

・Office automation equipment
copier,fax machine,printer

・Electrical appliances
camera(shutter sound,focus motor),mobile phone,air-conditioner

golf club(impact sound),crack in ceramics/sintered metal,buildings materials(crack,peeling),connector clicking sound

Application Example

・Seat (Automatic / Manual transmission car) noise inspection
Operating noise inspection when moving or reclining the seat forward / backward.

・Engine noise inspection
Engine assemble defects or missing components inspection.

・Ceramic crack inspection
Crack, flaw and breakage hammering inspection of the ceramic.

・Motor noise inspection
Motor operation noise inspection.

・Fan motor noise inspection
Fan motor operation noise inspection

・Pump noise inspection
Pump operation noise inspection

・Transformer / Inductor noise inspection
Vibration, abnormal noises inspection of the transformer.

・Tunnel and concrete hammering inspection
Crack, flaw and deterioration inspection of the tunnel, concrete, mortar and so on.

・Construction material hammering inspection
Construction material quality control

・Conveyer noise inspection
Conveyer noise inspection

・Various connector fitting inspection
Connector fitting sound inspection

・Fitting test for various connector
Test the sound generated at fitting time.

Analysis trial available on request

Cosmo offers the analysis trial for your tested part in order to feel how Movelet really works.
By having the sample Pass/Fail examples of tested parts, we will be able to perform the analysis trial at your site or Cosmo premise.
Please feel free to contact the nearest Cosmo office if you have any questions.


Items Specifications
Model MV-6000B
機能仕様 Number of registered items Up to 99 items
Sampling Frequency 10000Hz/20000Hz/25000Hz/40000Hz/50000Hz/
Data Acquisition Time 10msec~60sec
Judgment criteria (judgment methods) 8 types
Judgment combination Single judgment/compound judgment of judgment criteria (judgment methods)
Saving data wav file type (number of saved data depends on sampling data type)
Process status and judgment display 7-segment display
Interface Sensor input point 1CH
Sensor input voltage/connector ±5V BNC connector
USB I/F USB-A type female: 2
COM I/F D-SUB9 pin(male): For data 1(RS-232C)
LAN I/F Ethernet connector (RJ-45)
CRT I/F HD-SUB 15 pin (female)
I/O input/output for control D-SUB 37pin(Female)  NPN/PNP available
Power Source Power connector Grounded 3P
Input power voltage AC100~240V±10%
Power Consumption 80VA(MAX)
Peripheral environment Ambient temperature 5~40℃
Humidity 80%RH or less, no dew condensation
Structure Outer dimensions (mm) 300(W)×160(H)×280(D)
Main body mass approx. 6.7kg
Options Remote control box RC-30, Multiplexer MVM-60, sound level meter, acceleration pick-up, LAN cable



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