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Sophisticated Air Flow Tester AF-R221


Optimum for testing discharge flow and airtightness.
Flow sensor is selectable from Laminar Flow or Mass Flow.

Edge & Function

Easy-to-navigate configuration with icons, each menu opens by simply touching an icon

Test pressure and flow can be monitored in charts

Language is selectable among English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish

FTP function (option) realizes easy data management on the network

Test result can be easily stored in USB memory

Display of Equivalent flow rate at 1 atm, 20℃ (when option K is selected, the actual atmospheric pressure is automatically measured for the calculation)

Flow Check (F-CHK) as standard feature

Flow Optimizer. When test pressure fluctuates, the flow at the specified test pressure is displayed

Application Examples

Take advantages of 2 different flow sensor

Laminar Flow Sensor
*Wide variety of ranges (F.S. 10mL/min to 100L/min)
*Allows measurement of discharge flow rate of pulsative parts such as pumps
*Durable and robust with no moving part

Mass Flow Sensor
*Allows measurement with different/variable test pressure
*No temperature compensation required
*No atmospheric compensation required
*High response speed

With USB port available, data collection or data back-up can be easily carried out

Main features
*Test data collection
*Waveform data collection
*Parameter backup/restore
*System backup/restore
*Copy CSV to USB
*Software version update

FTP function

Display Display6Measurement screen is selectable from 6 different screens Data Acquisition Up to 5000 data are stored. USB can be used for data storing
Test Reliability Sensor Protection The pneumatic circuit is cleaned at the end of every flow test Data Analysis Counter, Statistics, Waveform display
User Span Span value is either manually entered or automatically setup
Blow Check After the flow test, the fill valve is opened to check if there is flow or not
Exhaust Interference Prevention Exhaust timing will be controlled for the cases where multiple tests are preformed at the same time
Digital Filter Averages the readings for more stable readings with less variation
C-CHK The flow is compared with the values of Flow master
Equivalent Flow Display The flow rate when air is flown in an environment of 1 atm at 20℃. When the option K is selected, this feature can be automatically used
F-CHK The measured flow is compared with the value of Flow master in every test (Option: CX)
Flow Limits Upper limits (UL2/UL), Lower limits (LL2/LL)
Flow Optimizer Formula Optimize Samples the flows at Target Test Press(P1) to display the optimized flow DET Extension When the flow is in the range between "S-DET LL and S-DET LL2" or "S-DET UL and S-DET UL2", DET stage will be repeated
Two-Point Optimizer Samples the flows at two pressure points, Target Test Press(P1) and Off-Target Test Press(P2), to optimize the measured flow when the test pressure is off target Option Features External exhaust valve (Exhaust valve unit is sold separately)
Multi-Point Optimizer Samples the flow at Target Test Press(P1) and other multiple pressure points within the allowable range to optimize the flow when the test pressure is off target Bypass circuit ready (Bypass circuit unit is sold separately)


Pressure media Air Connecting port Pressure source, Pilot pressure:Rc 1/4
Laminar Flow model 100L only: Rc 3/8

WORK port:200L/min or less: Rc 1/4
500L/min or less: Rc 1/2

Accuracy *Laminar Flow Sensor
±1.5% of F.S. ±1 digit (At specified pressure)
*Mass Flow Sensor
±1.5% of F.S. ±1 digit (At specified pressure)
±3% of F.S. ±1 digit (At non-specified pressure)
RS-232 Front panel port Fixed length output: T, IL, ML, D, P, F2
Specified test pressure range Micro (L01): 1 to 10kPa
Micro low (L03): 10 to 30kPa (Mass Flow only)
Micro low (L05): 10 to 50kPa (Laminar Flow only)
Low (L): 15 to 80kPa
Medium (M): 3to 700kPa
Vacuum (V): -10 to -70kPa (20L or less)
Rear panel port Fixed length output: T, IL, ML, D, P, F2
Test Data Flow, Pressure, Comp value, Air temp, Flow limits, Atm press, and others
CSV Copy to USB CSV file
USB Port Parameter backup
System backup
Software version update
Channels 32ch (0~31)
Power supply AC100 to 240V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 60VA max
(Power cable included is for AC125V only)
Flow Unit L/min, mL/min, L/s, mL/s, L/h, m3/h, mm3/s, USP(User Span)
Timer setting 999.9 sec (min 0.1sec)
Pressure Unit kPa, MPa, (psi, kg/cm2, bar, mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg, mmH2O)
Pressure source Clean and dry air. Pressure source should be higher than the test pressure
Standard and accessories Quick connection fittings, I/O connector, Power cable (3m), Inspection record, Traceability documents and Operation manual
Ambient temperature 5 to 45℃
Humidity Max. 80%RH and no condensation
Weight Approx. 15kg