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New generation: DP air leak tester High-performance standard type


Further user-friendliness with new features such as Quick Access improved from its predecessor.

This truly new generation air tester combines the experience and know-how that Cosmo Instruments has nurtured over many years, with new functions and the newest technology.

Adopted touch panel color LED.
The icon display on the menu screen is simple and intuitive, and the reportedly difficult operation of the instrument has been revamped.
Anyone can use it right away.
The measurement screen is available in 6 different types for different situations, including a simple display and a detailed display, and a display in which you can observe measured waveforms.
The LS-R902 is a new air leak tester that meets a variety of demands.

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Edge & Function

Quick Access

Directly access the screen of some screen you often to use.


I/O wiring is completed with dedicated cable connectors.Supports smooth communication with PLC with fewer cables.Test results can be output to the network.

Simple to operate with icons.

The menu screen is easily displayed with an icon.
The Home icon can move directly to the measurement screen, and the (i) icon in the upper left displays all sort of information.

Can switch between 6 kinds of measurement screen

The measurement screen is available in 6 different types for different applications/situations, including a simple display and a detailed display.
Also, the display items can be customized.

Each type of settings screen

During setup, a large numeric keypad appears, and all types of settings can be adjusted using the simple screen display.

A complete help screen and help display

In the help screen, complete explanations of computational tools and peripheral devices are available.

Waveform monitor function for test pressure/DP (leak volume)

Displays the test pressure and DP waveforms from measurement start to detection completion.
The ideal time for applying pressure and attempting detection can be found.

Phoenix Contact product is used for input/output connector

Phoenix Contact product was adopted for the connector of the input/output interface.
The connector is very reliable, and the wiring work can be done with a flat-head screwdriver, so that the work efficiency increases.

Automatic setup function

Several setting are necessary for the leak test.
This function provides initial settings for measurement time when first implementing the leak test.

Easy data collection with USB port

Measurement data is automatically saved to USB memory.
Other settings information can also be backed up with USB memory.

Waveform Pneumatic Circuit Diagnosis

Checks for anomalies in the air circuit with workpiece at each operation.
(Attention) Effectiveness varies based on operating conditions, and there are cases when it cannot be used.

Function for switching between display of multiple languages

Supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Overseas expansion is simple.


Differential pressure Resolving power
Precision guaranteed range
Excess pressure on sensors
Differential pressure
0.1 Pa
±1000 Pa
5 MPa
±2.5% of rdg ±1Pa, however 50Pa or below is ±2Pa
Display units Test Pressure: kPa、MPa
(Non-SI units available for overseas: PSI, kg/cm2, bar, mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg, etc.)
Leak volume mL/min, L/min, mL/s, Pa/s, Pa/min, Pa, kPa, Pa・m3/s, E-3 Pa・m3/s, etc.
(Non-SI units available for overseas: mmH20, mmHg, inH20, etc.)
Displayed leak volume 3 to 5 digits (floating point), sample rate: 10/second
Number of Channels 32ch(0~31)
Timer setting range 999.9 seconds (resolving power: 0.1 second)
Power Source AC100~240V±10%, 50/60Hz, 80VAmax
Test pressure source Uses clean air.The original pressure must be sufficiently higher than the test pressure.
Pilot pressure source Applies 400 to 700kPa of clean air.
CPU Cortex-A9 800MHz 512MB DDR3
Pipe connection diameter Rc1/4 (test pressure supply, pilot air supply, workpiece piping, master piping)
Ambient temperature Operating temperature  5 to 45°C  Storage temperature:  -20 to 60°C
Humidity 80 %RH or less  No dew condensation
Mass Approx. 140kg (standard specifications)
Serial communications RS232C-based
2 port
I/F fixed length output Leak data and set values are outputted simultaneously
ID/F fixed length output
Standard settings
Leak data and set values are outputted simultaneously
T/F fixed length output Only leak data outputted
USB Port Saving data Saves decisions, leak values, correction values, test pressure, WK#, CH#,  and time on inserted memory.
(Automatic file creation every 24 hours)
Set values storage All channel settings, system settings, etc.
Standard accessories Power cord For use in Japan:  Rating: AC125V/7A, length: 3m

For export:   Rating: AC240V/10A, length: 2m (CE conformant product)

Interface connector (I/O), caps (2) for RS-232C, USB cover, test report, traceability documents, user manual
Peripherals Master chamber, leak master, bypass unit, external exhaust valve, etc.


■ Model LS-902(ABC.D.E)

A, B, D and E in the model notation are mandatory.

A Measurement
Intelligent 1 Pneumatic Circuit A1 Large flow circuit with great sensor protection features
Intelligent 2 Pneumatic Circuit A2 Equipped with an equalization valve
and additional self-check features to A1 circuit
Micro volume Circuit AS01 For the parts whose volume is approx.
10 mL or smaller and the leak specifications are quite small.
Small Volume A1 Circuit AS1 For the parts whose volume is approx.
100 mL or smaller and high detection performance is required.
Secondary Pressure Circuit C For external pressure (secondary pressure) test
B Test pressure
Medium pressure M Test pressure range 50 to 800 kPa
(PS 1 MPa, regulator 0.8 MPa)
Low pressure L Test pressure range 10 to 100 kPa
(PS 100 kPa, regulator 200 kPa)
Micro pressure L02 Test pressure range 5 to 20 kPa
(PS 20 kPa, regulator 200 kPa)
Vacuum pressure V Test pressure range -5 to -100 kPa
(PS -100 kPa, regulator -100 kPa)
High pressure H20 Test pressure range 2.0 MPa or less
(PS 2 MPa, without regulator)
Extremely high pressure H49 Test pressure range 4.9 MPa or less
(PS 5 MPa, without regulator)
Medium pressure MR Test pressure range 50 to 800 kPa
(PS 1 MPa, regulator 0.9 MPa)
Low pressure LR Test pressure range 10 to 95 kPa
(PS 100 kPa, regulator 100 kPa)
Vacuum pressure VR Test pressure range -5 to -75 kPa
(PS -100 kPa, regulator -80 kPa)
C Option External Exhaust Valve Ready G External Exhaust Valve is sold separately.
Calibrator Come with Cal driving
valve for Leak Master *1
J Leak Master is sold separately.
Come with ALC *2 K05 MAX. Volume
Change 0.5 mL
For Low, Medium and High press Small volume part
K1 MAX. Volume
Change 1 mL
For Low, Medium and High press Small to Medium volume part
K4 MAX. Volume
Change 4 mL
For Low, Medium and Vacuum press Medium to Large volume part
K10 MAX. Volume
Change 10 mL
For Low, Medium and Vacuum press Large volume part
Bypass Circuit Ready without regulator B Bypass Circuit Unit is sold separately.
with regulator B1
Pressure/Vacuum Pressure Sensor PV1 Equipped with a Pressure/Vacuum pressure sensor
Low pressure: ±100 kPa Medium pressure: -100 to 1000 kPa
Blow Orifice Φ1.2 F1 Required when the test pressure is -10kPa to -4 kPa or AS01
E/P Regulator Ready R1 E/P Regulator Ready With Output Connector
Nylon Filter Housing RX02 Filter housing for the pilot pressure port is nylon.
RX03 Filter housings for the pilot pressure and test pressure ports are nylon.
Filter replacement RX06 Pilot Pressure Port Comes with Filter Only
TCU *3 RX09 TCU Ports (IN, OUT)
RX10 TCU Ports (IN, OUT) + TCU set
Optional Number of Channels RX11 100 channels
Fieldbus N2 Device NET
N3 CC Link
N4 Profibus
N5A EtherNet IP
N6A Profi NET
DPS 10 kPa D4 Sensor range: ±10 kPa Resolution: 1 Pa
NPT Fittings PX1 NPT Fittings
D Units and Others UX1 SI units
UX2 All units (For overseas only)
UX3 UL certified
E Power Cable VA 125 V (3 m)
VE 250 V (2 m)
VK 250 V (2 m) (Only for Chinese customers)

*1 Not available for H20 and H49 models
*2 ALC = Auto Leak Calibration
*3 TCU = Temperature Compensation Unit



Helps reduce measurement errors and false rejects due to part temperature effects.
Compensation graphs viewed on large LCD screen.
Easy setting for mapping of the graphs.

Temperature compensation mapping should be adjusted on the actual production line.

The temperature difference between the part and the environment is measured to carry out the Temperature Compensation according to the correlation between the temperature difference and measurement errors.

Major applications

Post-cleaning leak tests, engine parts (cylinder head, cylinder block)
(a correlation should exist in the differential pressure between the temperature of Work and the applied air)

Example of Temperature Compensation Data

Tested part Oil pan (Whole)
Test pressure 100kPa
Equivalent internal volume 2500 mL
Leak specification 10 mL/min
Test timers Pressurization 22 secs.
Equalization 3 secs.
Stabilization 5 secs.
Detection 3 secs.