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Super High Pressure Air Leak Tester LS-R740(SH)

LS-R740 (SH)

LS-R740SH is a differential pressure Air Leak Tester
realizing highly sensitive leak test under super high
pressure condition.
Up to 16MPa can be applied for the leak test.

Edge & Function

Easy-to-navigate and intuitive interface with simple menu configuration

Waveform display of test pressure and differential pressure

Influence of noise generated during the test on the workpiece can be compensated, reducing the test time

Three languages selectable. English, Chinese, Japanese

USB port for easy test data management

Closer placement of the sensor unit to the target capsule





Resolution 1 Pa
Display Range ±9.999kPa  (Accuracy   guaranteed  range ±10kPa)
Accuracy ±5% of  rdg ±1Pa   (500Pa or  lower: ±2Pa)
Proof Pressure 20 MPa





Test Pressure

kPa, MPa
(kg/cm2,  PSI, bar,  mmHg, etc)


Pa, kPa, mL/s,   mL/min,  L/min,  Pa・m3/s,
E-3  Pa・m3/s,  Pa/s,  Pa/min,  *Pa/s,  *Pa/min
(mmH2O,  mmHg,  inH2O, etc)

mL,  L (in3, ft3)

(Leak Coefficient)
Leak Display 4 digits, Sampling  rate: 10 times/sec
Leak Limit Up to ±999.9Pa
No#  of Channels 32ch  (0  to 31)
Timer 999.9 sec (Resolution  0.1 sec)
Power Source AC100~240V±10%,  50/60Hz,70VA max
Ambient Temperature 5 to 45 ℃
Humidity 80 %RH or less / No dew condensation


Controller: approx. 2.6 kg
Pneumatic  Unit: approx.  15 kg
Pressure Source Clean and dry  air.
Source  pressure  must  be  sufficiently  higher than the test pressure
Pilot Pressure Clean  and  dry air, regulated between  500 to 700kPa

Connecting  Port

Pilot pressure:Rc1/4
Test pressure:Swagelok  Ф6mm (WORK   & MASTER port)
CPU SH-2A     144MHz,  DRAM8MB


(D-sub  9 pins)

I/F fixed  length Test parameters as well as test results are transmitted
ID/F fixed  length
T/F fixed   length Only test results  are transmitted
Others Special formats

USB Port


Test Data

Judgment, Leak, Test pressure, Channel#,  Timers etc.
Test Parameter Test parameters  of  all setting screens

Standard Accessories

Pilot pressure  filter  regulator, Quick  mounting  brackets,
Control  I/O connector,  Power  cable, Inspection record,
Operation  manual  CD, Traceability documents



LS-R740SH- ①②③

Test Pressure Super  High Pressure 10MPa H100 Range 5.0 to 10.0MPa (PS 10MPa)
Super  High Pressure 16MPa H160 Range 5.0 to 16.0MPa (PS 20MPa)
Option Nylon Filter Housing RX02 Filter housing for the pilot pressure port is nylon
NPT Fittings PX1 The screw  of connecting port is NPT1/4
Panel Mount P Controller is designed to be p an el-mounted
Cable Length Unit-to-Unit 3m S3 Standard
Unit-to-unit 5m S5 Option
Unit-to-unit 10m S10 Option



Pneumatic Unit