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Volumetric Air Leak Testers Leak Testing System for Small Electronic Components


Achieve automation of high speed and high precision gross leak testing

SMD quartz crystal devices continue to miniaturize.
The LZ-3000 series is a leak detection system developed to meet the high-speed processing needs of gross leak inspections of small electronic components such as airtight sealed SMD quartz crystal devices.
We provide the ideal system for improving your production efficiency and product quality management system.

Edge & Function

Rapidly processes 60 workpieces a minute.

With the two-part index system, a maximum of 60 pieces can be processed, and fully automatically transported, aligned, inspected, checking quality and sorting out bad ones.

2.0mm x 1.6mm size inspection possible

With our newly developed micro-volume detection type air leak tester, extremely small gross leak inspections of as small as 2.0mm x 1.6mm are possible.




Target workpieces

Small, sealed electronic components

Processing capabilities

Maximum of 60 pieces/minute (1.0 second/piece)

Gross leak test system

Micro-volume detection type air leak tester system

Number of air leak testers included:


Air leak tester specifications Model




Minimum workpiece internal clearance volume

0.3 mm^3 or more

0.5 mm^3 or more

2.0 mm^3 or more

Minimum detectable equivalent price standard leak amount

1.17×10^-6 Pa・m^3/sec

5×10^-6 Pa・m^3/sec

2×10^-5 Pa・m^3/sec

Target workpiece size

2.0×1.6 2.5×2.0mm

2.5×2.0 3.0×3.0 3.2×2.5mm

3.8×3.8 5.0×3.2 9.5×7.2mm

Workpiece supply method

Lined-up supply from part feeder with hopper

Workpiece transport system

Movable pick and place, left to right  two-part index

Inspection movements Full-automatic operation

■ Normal operation, ■ Calibrating operation, ■ Recovery operation

Manual operation

■ Individual operation, ■ Calibrating operation, ■ Return to original position, ■ Withdrawing operation

Decision processing

Collection of sorted out defective pieces in collection bucket

Self-diagnosis function

Self-diagnosis of tester malfunction, individual movement malfunction, pressure anomaly, etc.

Information output

Automatic collection of measurement result data on USB memory, RS-232C

Environment conditions


Power Source

Three-phase 380V and three-phase 200V, 50/60Hz  1.5kW

Air pressure source

0.4MPa or greater  250L/min  pipe size: Rc1/2 (PT1/2 internal thread)

Outer dimensions

1250 (W)×1450(Max1890)(H)×850(D) mm


* Compatible with similar workpieces of multiple types

* Workpiece supply discharge (online compatible/ career magazine compatible)


Traceability documents, Operation manual