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Manual Leak Calibrator QLC Series / LC Series

QLC Series / LC Series

Manual Leak Calibrator is a calibrator for Differential Pressure Air Leak Testers that can give a volume displacement to test circuit manually.
Leak Master allows fast and easy leak tester sensitivity checks. It is also used for K(Ve) automatic setup.

Edge & Function

QLC(Quick Leak Calibrator)

It gives predetermined volume displacement spontaneously simply by pushing a button.

LC(Leak Calibrator)

It is a cylinder type manual leak calibrator that can give an accurate volume displacement that is specified on the scale.


Calibrator Specifications

Name Model Maximum Volume Displacement Operating pressure range (Recommended range) Remarks
Auto Leak Calibrator

ALC series

ALC-05 0.5mL 0~4.9MPa Loaded on Air Leak Testers.  K(Ve) Automatic setup is available.Can used for K(Ve) check

Pilot Pressure: 0.4 to 0.7 MPa

ALC-1 1mL 0~2MPa
ALC-4 4mL 0~0.8MPa
ALC-10 10mL 0~0.2MPa
Quick Leak Calibrator

QLC Series

QLC-0021 0.2mL 0~0.5MPa It gives predetermined volume displacement spontaneously by simply pushing a button.Can be used where the Detection (DET) timer is rather short.
QLC-0101 1mL 0~0.5MPa
QLC-0401 4mL 0~0.5MPa
QLC-1001 10mL 0~0.2MPa
Leak Calibrator

LC Series

LC-11 1mL 0~0.4MPa 検Turn the dial during Detection (DET) stage to cause volumetric change.For the cases DET timer is short, the timer has be extended.
LC-12 1mL 0~0.4MPa
LC-22 2mL 0~0.2MPa
LC-42 4mL 0~0.1MPa