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NL select valve

NL-S2 Series

Air Leak Tester Specialized Switching Valve

It shows its magnificence in the use of air circuits that may not leak.
For situations when it is necessary to switch the workpiece and master, the switching valve is inserted into the precise leak test circuit.
Cosmo Instruments has made available an exclusive switching valve that makes use of the company's leak test know-how.This ideal switching valve not only stops valve leaks, but also constrains deformations.

Edge & Function

There are Single to Triple valves and combinations for Normally Open and Normally Closed are selectable depending of the products the valve is used for.

Stop Valve Option eases leak check of the valve.

Each port on the manifold comes with a mesh filter.

※NL select valve cannot be controlled by Air Leak Tester.Separate PLC and Solenoid valve are required.


Operating pressure range Medium and Low Pressure: 0 to 500 kPa
Vacuum Pressure: 0 to -100 kPa
IN and OUT connection port Rc1/4: (Same diameter for Come with a stop valve option)
Pilot pressure port Comes with a 4 mm Push-on fitting
Orifice diameter Ø5
Valve seat leak 0.007 mL/min or less
Pilot pressure 400 to 700kPa
Connected to 4 mm diameter Push-on fitting



NL-S2- A B C – D

A Number of Valves 1 : Single 2 :Dual 3 : Triple
B Specifications 0 : Normally Open × 1
1 : Normally Closed × 1
0 : Normally Open × 2
1 : Normally Closed × 2
2 : Normally Open × 1、Normally Closed × 1
0 : Normally Open × 3
1 : Normally Closed × 3
C Operating pressure range M : Medium and Low Pressure, V : Vacuum Pressure
D Option B : Comes with a Stop valve