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DP air leak tester that switches between two circuits for test pressure


Two different types of pressure ranges can be tested using just one tester!

The newly available LS-R912 has touch panel operation, quality control with USB, multilingual support, etc. continuing with the convenience and easy of use of the LS-R902, and allowing for the testing of two different types of pressure ranges with just one tester.

The LS-R912 is a new leak tester that meets a variety of demands

Edge & Function

You can switch between two different types of test pressure ranges

The combination of test pressure ranges of 2 circuits (Inlet-A/Inlet-B) can be chosen from the support table below.
Of the combinations of various pressure ranges, choose two types that meet your demands from the table below. 

For tests where different ranges of test pressure are used with a single product

Test 1 location Test pressure 2 ranges

(Attention) Keep in mind that you cannot run test 1 and 2 simultaneously.

For example, this kind of product

For tests where 2 different ranges of test pressure are used for multiple test locations in a single product(A valve is needed for switching to a separate testing location.)

Test 3 locations Test pressure 2 ranges

(Attention) Keep in mind that you cannot run test 1 and 2 simultaneously.

For example, this kind of product

Fine tuning of the test pressure is now simple.

Pressure is applied to the workpiece.
If you push the button above, it will be shifted to the following button for easy fine tuning of the pressure.

Pressure can be easily fine tuned without applying pressure to the workpiece.

During setup, a large numeric keypad appears, and all types of settings can be adjusted using the simple screen display.

Regarding the convenient functions of the LS-R902 which are included in the LS-R912, please consult the LS-R902 page.
Link --> LS-R902 product information


DP sensor and display (standard) Resolving power
Display range
Sensor range
Excess pressure on sensors
Display precision *1
0.1 Pa
±2500 Pa
±1000 Pa
±2000 Pa
5 MPa
±2.5% of rdg ±1Pa、However 50Pa following ± 2Pa
Test Pressure Sensor and Display Display precision ±1% of F.S. ±1 digit (linearity, hysteresis, reproducibility)
Temperature properties ±0.1% of F.S. / °C
Display units *2 Test Pressure: kPa, MPa (PSI, kg/cm2, bar, mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg)
Leak volume Pa, kPa, mL/s, mL/min, L/min, Pa・m3/s, E-3 Pa・m3/s, Pa/s, Pa/min,
(mmH2O, inH2O, mmHg, in3/min, in3/d, ft3/h)
Leak volume display 3 to 5 digits (floating point), sample rate: 10/second
Leak limit (standard) ±999.9Pa or less
Number of Channels 32 channels(#0 to #31), Option 100 channels(#0 to #99)
Timer setting range 999.9 seconds (resolving power: 0.1 second)
Power Source AC100 to 240V±10%, 50/60Hz, 80VAmax
Fuse (T2.5A 250V)
Dielectric strength and resistance AC1400V 10 sec, DC500V 50MΩ
Internal solenoid power supply:  DC24V
Test pressure source Uses clean air.The original pressure must be sufficiently higher than the test pressure.
Pilot pressure source Applies 400 to 700kPa of clean air.
LCD/TP 5.7 inch color LED 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
Pipe connection diameter Rc(PT) 1/4 test pressure supply, pilot air supply, workpiece piping, master piping
Ambient temperature Operating temperature  5 to 45°C  Storage temperature:  -20 to 60°C
Consult if using in a high temperature environment.
Humidity 80 %RH or less  No dew condensation
Mass Approx. 13.5 to 17.5 kg(Depends on the model)
Serial communications RS232C-based
2 port
I/F fixed length
ID/F fixed length
Serial communications RS232C-based
2 port
USB port
T/F fixed length Test parameters as well as test results are transmitted
Other formats Only test results are transmitted
Test data
USB Port Copy CSV to USB Judgement, Leak, Compensation value
Test pressure, Channel#, timers, etc.
LAN Port FTP server
(In preparation)
csv file
Calibration/Maintenance Ports M10 x 1.5 (O-ring seal)
E/P Regulator Repeatability:  ±0.5% of F.S. or less
Temperature Characteristics:  ±0.16% of F.S./°C
Standard Accessories Power cord
For Japan:Rating: 125 VAC/7A, Length: 3 m
For overseas:Rating: 250 VAC/10A, Length: 2 m(CE conformes)
Control I/O connector, USB port cover, Inspection record, Traceability documents, Operation manual CD
Environmental Conditions
(IEC 61010-1)
Over voltage category II
pollution degree 2
Altitude 3000 m or lower
Protection class I
Place to use: Indoor
Peripherals Master chamber, leak master, bypass unit, external exhaust valve, etc.

*1 The display precision is that at the time of delivery.
The precision when inspecting and calibrating is ± 5% of rdg ±1Pa.
The precision of the DP display of the option, wide range is ± 5% of rdg ±0.01kPa.
*2 The unit ( ) is not fixed in the SI unit specifications.
NOTE:   If using overseas, please use a power cord that conforms to the respective country’s norms and regulations.


■ Model LS-912(ABCD.E.F)

A, B, C, E and F in the model notation are mandatory.

A Measurement
Intelligent 1 Pneumatic Circuit A1 Large flow circuit with great sensor protection features
Intelligent 2 Pneumatic Circuit A2 Equipped with an equalization valve and
additional self-check features to A1 circuit
Micro volume Circuit AS01 For the parts whose volume is approx.
10 mL or smaller and the leak specifications are quite small.
Secondary Pressure Circuit C For external pressure (secondary pressure) test
B Test pressure range
(Inlet A)
Medium pressure M Test pressure range 50 to 800 kPa
(PS 1 MPa, regulator 0.8 MPa)
Low pressure L Test pressure range 10 to 100 kPa
(PS 100 kPa, regulator 200 kPa)
Micro pressure L02 Test pressure range 5 to 20 kPa
(PS 20 kPa, regulator 200 kPa)
Vacuum pressure V Test pressure range -5 to -100 kPa
(PS -100 kPa, regulator -100 kPa)
High pressure H20 Test pressure range 2.0 MPa or less
(PS 2 MPa, without regulator)
Extremely high pressure H49 Test pressure range 4.9 MPa or less
(PS 5 MPa, without regulator)
Medium pressure MR Test pressure range 50 to 800 kPa
(PS 1 MPa, regulator 0.9 MPa)
Low pressure LR Test pressure range 10 to 95 kPa
(PS 100 kPa, regulator 100 kPa)
Vacuum pressure VR Test pressure range -5 to -75 kPa
(PS -100 kPa, regulator -80 kPa)
C Test pressure range (Inlet B) Same as Test pressure range (Inlet A)
D Option External Exhaust Valve Ready G External Exhaust Valve is sold separately.
Calibrator Come with CAL driving
valve for Leak Master *1
J Leak Master is sold separately.
Come with ALC *2 K05 Max. Volume
Change 0.5 mL
For Low, Medium and High press Small volume part
K1 Max. Volume
Change 1 mL
For Low, Medium and High press Small to Medium volume part
K4 Max. Volume
Change 4 mL
For Low, Medium and Vacuum press Medium to Large volume part
K10 Max. Volume
Change 10 mL
For Low, Medium and Vacuum press Large volume part
Bypass Circuit Ready without Precision Regulator *3 B Bypass Circuit Unit is sold separately.
Blow Orifice Φ1.2 F1 Required when the test pressure is -10kPa to -4 kPa or AS01
E/P Regulator Ready R1 E/P Regulator Ready With Output Connector
Nylon Filter Housing RX02 Filter housing for the pilot pressure port is nylon.
RX03 Filter housings for the pilot pressure and test pressure ports are nylon.
Filter replacement RX06 Pilot Pressure Port Comes with Filter Only
Optional Number of Channels RX11 100 channels
Fieldbus N5A EtherNet IP
N6A Profi NET
DPS 10 kPa D4 Sensor range: ±10 kPa Resolution: 1 Pa
NPT Fittings PX1 NPT Fittings
E Units UX1 SI units
UX2 All units (For overseas only)
F Power Cable VA 125 V (3 m)
VE 250 V (2 m)
VK 250 V (2 m) (Only for Chinese customers)

*1 Not available for H20 and H49 models
*2 ALC = Auto Leak Calibrator
*3 B: Inlet B only