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Analysis Tool MVA-600


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Capable of obtaining the parameters necessary for the in-line tester.
Analysis of saved data and obtain the pass/fail judgment required for the ln-line test.

Edge & Function

Waveform Acquisition Program

Access to saved WAV. data and carry out the various analysis listed below.

○ Comparison Screen Display (Dual Screen) feature
Displays two screens on the same PC side by side, allowing for performing analysis by comparing the two screens.

○ FFT Analysis feature
Allows for checking the frequency distribution of the acquired waveforms.

○ Simple Judgment feature
Allows for setting the threshold value on the Analysis screen, making a judgment, based on the Judgment Criteria: Excess Threshold Value Area, and displaying the result.

○ Waveform Clipping feature
Focuses on the specified period of time of the interest and clips the acquired waveforms in that period of time.

○ Waveform Data Saving feature
Save the acquired data in WAV. text format.

Waveform Analysis Program

Saved waveform can be quantified by 8 judgment criteria.

Up to 8 waveforms can be displayed on PC screen and made a comparison, according to the above judgment criteria.

Analytical Result Output Program

This program allows for outputting the analyzed and quantified results in CSV format.
This data can be used to perform statically processing.



Specification Data WAV. Format, Monaural
Data Time MAX. 60 sec
(Please ask Cosmo in case the data analysis for long period is required)
Operating Environment OS Windows 2000/XP/7(32bit)
(Please ask Cosmo in case the operating environment is either Win7 (64bit) or Win8.1)
HD Capacity 100MB or higher
Display Resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
Memory Capacity 256MB or higher
CD-ROM Drive Necessary
USB Port Necessary (For protection key)