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Volumetric Air Leak Testers Desktop Type


Ideal all-in-one tester for small volumetric air inspections

This tester is ideal to test Water-proof components or finished products which require IP Protection Rating.Thanks to the built-in clamp mechanism, you just set the workpiece, and then it is automatically clamp sealed and the leak test carried out.
Because it is a desktop machine, it is suitable for use in a variety of situations.
Compared to conventional models, it has been made smaller and lighter in pursuit of user-friendliness.

Edge & Function

  • This desktop leak tester is suitable for a wide range of devices from relatively small electrical components such as relays/crystal oscillators/image sensors/etc. to larger workpieces such as mobile phones/transmitters/rectifiers/etc.
  • Semi-automatic leak test machine containing mechanisms necessary for measurements



Leak Test System Micro-volume detection type air leak tester system
Processing capabilities 2-6 cycles/min (depends on detection precision and measurement time)
Time for fitting and detaching workpiece Manual labor by worker
Decision processing Report with decision lamp and alarm
Self-diagnosis function Stops operation when an operation malfunction is detected
Data output RS232C output
Environment conditions Performance guaranteed temperature range: 5 to 40°C
Power supply/Air pressure supply Power supply voltage: AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz, power consumption: 100VA, air pressure supply: 0.4MPa or above
Outer dimensions/weight Outer dimensions (W x H x D) 312 x 364 x 600mm, weight: approx. 38kg