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Cosmo’s Standard Helium Gas Recovery System

Helium Gas Recovery System

Recovering and reusing helium gas, which continues to be in short supply and at soaring prices, can reduce helium gas consumption.
Reusing can contribute to the SDGs.

Edge & Function

Features of Recovery System

*Standard type specialized for low-pressure and small-volume works achieves lower cost.

*The operation status can be checked in real time on the touch screen.

*Recovery rate of 90% or more.


Cosmo’s Standard Helium Gas Recovery System

Gas used Helium
Test pressure 400 kPa or less
Cycle time 50 sec/work or more
Work volume Single-phase 100 VAC
Size (W x H x D) 800 x 1800 x 800 mm
Weightc Approx. 200kg
Suggested retail price 4 million yen

Other specifications are also available. Contact our sales offices.