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LS-R740 (ZL)

LS-R740 (ZL)

Air Leak Tester for Small Sealed Parts  LS-R740(ZL)

This tester is ideal to test Water-proof components or finished products which require IP Protection Rating.The part to be tested is placed in a capsule and pressurized to measure the pressure change caused by leak flowing into the part.

Edge & Function

Easy-to-navigate and intuitive interface with simple menu configuration
Easy volume compensation when the tested part and the reference part have a volume difference
Influence of noise genarated in the test on the part can be compensated, reducing test time
User selectable multi-language capability: English, Japanese and Chinese
USB port for easy test data management
Closer placement fo sensor section to the target capsule



Differential Pressure Resolution 0.1 Pa
Display Range ±999.9Pa、(Accuracy guaranteed range±1000Pa)
Accuracy ±2.5% of rdg ±1Pa、50Pa or lower±2Pa
Sensor Proof Pressure 5 MPa
Dislay Unit Test Pressure kPa,MPa

(Non SI Unit for overseas use kg/cm2, PSI, bar, mmHg,他)

Leak Rate Pa, kPa, mL/s, mL/min, L/min, Pa・m3/s,
E-3 Pa・m3/s, Pa/s, Pa/min,*Pa/s, *Pa/min
(Non SI Unit for overseas use mmH2O, mmHg, inH2O,Others)
(Leak Coefficient)
mL, L (Non SI Unit for overseas use  in3, ft3)
Leak Rate Display 4 digits, Sampling Rate 10 times/sec
Leak Limit 999.99 max
Number of Channels 32ch(0~31)
Timer 999.9 sec(Resolution 0.1 sec)
Power Source AC100~240V±10%, 50/60Hz,70VA max
Ambient Temperature 5~45 ℃
Humidity 80% RH or less / No dew condensation
Weight Controller: approx. 2.6kg, Pneumatic unit: approx. 7.1kg
Test Pressure Source Clean and dry air regulated to the test presssure
Source pressure must be sufficiently higher than the test pressure
Pilot Pressure Set by using the pilot pressure filter regulator installed: Range: 400 to 700kPa
Port Size M1K1 Special joint is used only for WORK and MASTER port tubing
M3K4 Rc(PT)1/4: Pressure source, WORK and MASTER ports)
(D-sub 9pin)
ID2 Format Limit values as well as Large leak limit and Small leak limit are transmitted
L2 Format LL-DET and S-DET test results are transmitted
Others Other 4 formats available
USB Port Test data Judgment, Leak, Test pressure, Channel #, Time, etc
Test parameter Test parameters of all the settings screens
Standard Accessories Pilot pressure filter regulator,Quick mounting brackets,Control I/O connector, Power cord, Inspection recordsOperation manual(CD),Traceability documents

Pnematic Circuit

LS-R740(ZL) 空気回路図




LS-R740ZL- ①②③④

Test Circuit Small Volume M1K1 For micro volume parts  *Tester internal volume: 0.7mL
Medium Volume M3K4 For medium volume parts  *Tester internal volume: 8.0mL
Test Pressure Low Pressure L Test pressure range  10 ~ 100 kPa
Medium Pressure M Test pressure range  50 ~ 500 kPa
Vacuum Pressure V Test pressure range  -5 ~ -100 kPa
Option Panel Mount P The controller is designed to be panel-mounted
NPT Fittings PX1 Connecting port thread is NPT
Nylon Filter housing RX02 Filter housing for the pilot pressure port is nylon
Cable Length Specified Unit-to-unit cable 3m S3 Standard
Unit-to-unit cable 5m S5 Option
Unit-to-unit cable 10m S10 Option



Pneumatic Circuit Unit