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New generation: DP air leak tester High-performance standard type


Compact air leak tester with a focus on user-friendliness, equipped with a range of functions, now being sold as the high-performance standard type!

This new generation air leak tester combines the experience and know-how that Cosmo Instruments has nurtured over many years, with new functions and the newest technology.

By improving display with color LED, and allowing for intuitive operation through the adoption of icons, the operation of the measuring instrument, which was reportedly difficult, has been made simple.
The function to switch between Japanese/English/Chinese can be used in an instant in factories around the world.
There are 3 types of measurement screens available.
Can switch between different displays depending on if a simple display is desirable, or if you want to display various information.

The LS-R700 is a new air leak tester that meets a variety of demands.

Edge & Function

Main menus are classified by icon

The menu screen is easily displayed with an icon.
You can understand in an instant the display of the program lock state and [M] manual/[R] remote.
The language can be easily switched from here.

Can switch between 3 kinds of measurement screen

The above measurement screen is a detail screen.
Each set value and necessary information can be viewed.
The measured leak volume is simply displayed with the standard screen, and a waveform display screen is also available.
The display method can be switched according to the situation.

Each type of settings screen

Menu screen for configuring settings related to leak test.
Choose the required items, configure and copy, and the USB port can be used to download the settings value file.

Explanation displayed on guidance bar

The blue bar beneath the screen is the guidance bar.
The help text for the selected part is displayed in the guidance bar.
Therefore it is possible to operate smoothly even without a user manual.

Compact body allows for setting up in a variety of places.

Vertical compact body with dimensions W195 x H250.2 x D304.7.
Despite its small size, all functions for running leak tests such as the intelligent pneumatic circuit are included.

Phoenix Contact product is used for input/output connector

Phoenix Contact product was adopted for the controller I/O connector of the input/output interface.
The connector is very reliable, and the wiring work can be done with a flat-head screwdriver, so that the work efficiency increases.

Function for switching between the 3 main national languages

Supports Japanese, English, and Chinese.
Overseas expansion is simple.

Easy data collection with USB port

Measurement data is automatically saved to USB memory.
Other settings information can also be backed up with USB memory.


Differential pressure Resolving power
Precision guaranteed range
Excess pressure on sensors
Sensor precision
0.1 Pa
±1000 Pa
5 MPa
±2.5% of rdg ±1Pa, however 50Pa or below is ±2Pa
Display units Test Pressure: kPa、MPa
(Non-SI units for overseas: PSI, kg/cm2, bar, mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg, etc.)
Leak volume mL/min, L/min, mL/s, Pa/s, Pa/min, Pa, kPa, Pa・m3/s, E-3 Pa・m3/s , etc.(Non-SI units for overseas: mmH20, mmHg, inH20, etc.)
Displayed leak volume 4 digits, sample rate: 10/second
Number of Channels 32ch(0~31)
Timer setting range 999.9 seconds (resolving power: 0.1 second)
Power Source AC100~240V±10%, 50/60Hz, 70VAmax
Test pressure source Uses clean air.
The original pressure must be sufficiently higher than the test pressure.
Pilot pressure source Applies 400 to 700kPa of clean air.
Pipe connection diameter Rc1/4 (test pressure supply, workpiece piping, master piping)
6mm one-touch joint (pilot air supply)
Ambient temperature Operating temperature  5 to 45°C  Storage temperature:  -20 to 60°C
Humidity 80 %RH or less  No dew condensation
Mass Approx. 10kg
Serial communications RS232C-based
I/F fixed length output Leak data and set values are outputted simultaneously
ID/F fixed length output
Standard settings
Leak data and set values are outputted simultaneously
T/F fixed length output Only leak data outputted
USB Port Saving data Saves decisions, leak values, test pressure, WK#, CH#,  and time on inserted memory.
Set value output Set values of all settings screens
Standard accessories Power cord For use in Japan:  Rating: AC125V/7A, length: 3m

For export:   Rating: AC240V/10A, length: 2m (CE conformant product)

Control I/O connector, cap for RS-232C, USB cover, test report, traceability documents, user manual


■ Model LS-700(ABC.D.E)

A, B, D and E in the model notation are mandatory.

A Pneumatic
Intelligent 1 Pneumatic Circuit A1 Large flow circuit with great sensor protection features
Intelligent 2 Pneumatic Circuit A2 Equipped with an equalization valve and additional self-check features to A1 circuit
Micro Volume Circuit AS01 For the parts whose volume is approx.
10 mL or smaller and the leak specifications are quite small.
Small Volume A1 Circuit AS1 For the parts whose volume is approx.
100 mL or smaller and high detection performance is required.
Secondary Pressure Circuit *1 C For external pressure (secondary pressure) test
B Test Pressure
Precision Regulator Medium pressure M Test pressure range 50 to 800 kPa
(PS 1 MPa, Regulator 0.8 MPa)
Low pressure L Test pressure range 10 to 100 kPa
(PS 100 kPa, Regulator 200 kPa)
Micro pressure L02 Test pressure range 5 to 20 kPa
(PS 20 kPa, Regulator 200 kPa)
Vacuum pressure V Test pressure range -5 to -100 kPa
(PS -100 kPa, Regulator -100 kPa)
High pressure *2 H20 Test pressure range 2.0 MPa or less
(PS 2 MPa, Without regulator)
E/P Regulator Medium pressure MR Test pressure range 50 to 800 kPa
(PS 1 MPa, Regulator 0.9 MPa)
Low pressure LR Test pressure range 10 to 95 kPa
(PS 100 kPa, Regulator 100 kPa)
Vacuum pressure VR Test pressure range -5 to -75 kPa
(PS -100 kPa, Regulator -80 kPa)
C Option External Exhaust Valve Ready *3 G External Exhaust Valve is sold separately.
Come with Cal driving valve for Leak Master J Come with Cal driving valve.
Leak Master is sold separately.
Bypass Circuit Ready Without regulator B Bypass Circuit Unit is sold separately.
With regulator B1
Come with Stop Valve Open/Close Check Switch W Equipped with function to monitor Stop Valve opening/closing
Pressure/Vacuum Pressure Sensor PV1 Equipped with a Pressure/Vacuum pressure sensor
Low pressure: ±100 kPa Medium pressure: -100 to 1000 kPa
Without Precision Regulator
(L, M, V press)
E1 Without Precision Regulator
Blow Orifice Ø 1.2 *4 F1 Standard orifice changed from Ø 3.2 to Ø 1.2
E/P Regulator Ready R1 E/P Regulator Ready With Output Connector
Nylon Filter Housing RX02 Filter housing for the pilot pressure port is nylon.
RX03 Filter housings for the pilot pressure and test pressure ports are nylon.
Filter Replacement RX06 Pilot Pressure Port Comes with Filter Only
DPS 10 kPa D4 Sensor range: ±10 kPa Resolution: 1 Pa
NPT Fittings PX1 NPT Fittings
Rechargeable Battery *5 PX2 Rechargeable battery replacing the button cell (Not CE compliant)
D Units UX1 SI units (For Japan)
UX2 All units (For overseas only)
E Power Cable VA 125 V (3 m)
VE 250 V (2 m)m
VK 250 V (2 m) (Only for Chinese customers)

*1 [External Exhaust Valve Ready (G)] and [Come with Cal driving valve for Leak Master (J)] are not available.
*2 Not available for [High pressure(H20)] models.
  [Come with Cal driving valve for Leak Master (J)] are not available.
*3 Standard specification. Not selectable for Vacuum (V, VR).
*4 Standard specification for AS01. Also, select when the test pressure is -10 to -4 kPa.
*5 Option PX2, Rechargeable Battery, is mandatory for Chinese customers.
  Testers come with this option are not CE compliant.