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Sophisticated Multi Air Leak Tester LS-1881/LU-80A


Re-defining the standards in leak testing Multiple Air Leak Tester

This tester is developed based on a concept of "Multiple Air Leak Tester" and it assembled all technology Cosmo Instruments. Co., Ltd. has acquired so far.
Adopting user-friendly color LCD touch screen for the controller that comes with lightweight highly accurate pneumatic circuit units. Also the fieldbus technology allows the simple single-cable wiring between controller and the pneumatic circuit unit.
Up to 8 pneumatic circuit units can be connected to a controller.

Edge & Function

Controlling Multiple Air Leak Testers

The controller controls up to 8 pneumatic circuit units.
The tester can control the pneumatic circuits simultaneously or individually.
The compact pneumatic circuit units allows saving space which reduces facility cost.

System simple wiring

All the I/O wiring between LS-1881 and PLC can be done in the control panel.
The I/O unit, the controller and all the pneumatic circuits can be easily connected to each other with the dedicated cables.
Also there is a plan to connect it to fieldbus (DeviceNet), which helps simplify wiring.

Four Languages selectable

Four languages can be selected from Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
Please select one, depending on where the machine is used.

Memory card comes as standard, which eases data management.

USB Memory is included as standard.
LS-1881 stores up to 1000 test logs per pneumatic circuit.
The test logs stored in USB memory can be viewed or used for data analysis on a PC.
The test parameters can be stored in USB memory as well.
Loaded with the features to improve test efficiency and test accuracy.
Equipped with High performance AD converter and Differential Pressure.
Provides stable differential pressure measurement with the resolution of 0.1 Pa.

Equipped with High performance AD converter and Differential Pressure.

Provides stable differential pressure measurement with the resolution of 0.1 Pa.

Sophisticate Running-Average Compensation Feature

Compensates the error, which achieves test time reduction and eases management.

NR Mode

Mode to retest the part that fell in the “Uncertain Judgment Area” when the noises in test results are inevitable.

Multiple Channels

Each station holds 32 channels, which is good for multiple tested parts.

Self-Check Features

Checks sensor sensitivity and valve performance at each test as well as electrical performance.

Calibration Port

Equipped with the calibration ports ease inspection and calibration.

K(Ve) Calibration Feature

Using a Leak Master, LS-1881can measure Equivalent internal volume, K(Ve), which is used to convert measured differential pressure into a flow rate.

Automatic control of test pressure

Different test pressure and quick charge can be set for each channel by using an E/P regulator.
Pressurization time can be reduced depending on the test conditions.


Differential pressure Minimum display
Differential pressure range
Excess pressure on sensors
0.1 Pa(Standard)
±1500 Pa(Standard)
5 MPa
Display units Test Pressure kPa, MPa, (PSI, kg/cm2, bar,mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg)※
Leak volume Pa, kPa, mL/s, mL/min, L/min, (mmH2O, inH2O, mmHg, in3/min,in3/d)※
Volume mL, L, (in3)※    ※Contents in the parentheses are not displayed for SI units.
Number of Stations Up to 8 stations(ST)
Number of Channels 32 channels (0 to 32) per station
Timer setting range 999.9 seconds (resolving power: 0.1 second)
Power source Controller AC100~240 V±10%, 50/60 Hz 、100 VA max,
Pneumatic Circuit Unit AC100~240 V±10%, 50/60 Hz 、50 VA max,
Test pressure source Uses clean air.The original pressure must be sufficiently higher than the test pressure.
Pilot pressure source Applies 400 to 700 kPa of clean air.
Pipe connection diameter Rc 1/4 (Pressure source, WORK pipes, MASTER pipes, Pilot pressure source)
Weight Controller: 8.5 kg  Pneumatic Circuit Unit 7kg (LU-80A)
Standard Accessories Interface connector, Power cord (125VAC  3m for controller, 3m for Pneumatic Circuit Unit, High voltage cable is an option) Inspection Record, Traceability documents, Operation Manual


Internal solenoid power supply DC24 V
Ambient temperature 5~40 ℃
Humidity 80 %RH or less  No dew condensation
Serial communications RS232C-based
SS, SD, AS, AD, GS, GD format
LAN Port FTP port (under contemplation)
I/O unit (comes with pneumatic circuit) Input terminal Standard: Connector
Option: Terminal box and PNP
Output terminal Standard: Connector
Option: Terminal box and PNP
USB port USB×1 USB Memory for data storage
Communication cable
(Sold separately)
Dedicated cable set is available.
Regulator Unit(Sold separately) Select an appropriate Regulator Unit for your test. (Select Bypass Unit for large volume part.)


System Model:LS-1881-①

Number of Pneumatic Circuit Units
S1 1 Pneumatic Circuit Unit
S2 2 Pneumatic Circuit Units
S3 3 Pneumatic Circuit Units
S4 4 Pneumatic Circuit Units
S5 5 Pneumatic Circuit Units
S6 6 Pneumatic Circuit Units
S7 7 Pneumatic Circuit Units
S8 8 Pneumatic Circuit Units

Controller Model:LS-1881-Option

Option CE Conformity Q CE Mark will be applied on the tester
Separate CE Declaration is available upon a request.
DeviceNet ready N5 Done by DeviceNet Gateway (currently-projected)

Pneumatic Circuit Unit:LU-80A-①②③④-Option

Calibrator E No driving valve for Leak Master Not equipped with the driving valve for Leak Master.
J Comes with driving valve for Leak Master Activated for K(Ve) Calibration and K(Ve) Check
Test Pressure Sensor (PS) L Low Pressure Pressure range: Up to 100 kPa(F.S. 100 kPa)
M Medium Pressure Pressure range: Up to 700 kPa (F.S. 1000 kPa)
V Vacuum Pressure Pressure range: -100 kPa or lower  (F.S. -100 kPa)
Test Pressure Regulator R Precision Regulator / Electro-Pneumatic(E/P) Regulator Separate regulator required (Precision or E/P)Comes with the E/P regulator connector.
I/O Unit N1 NPN MIL Connector (Standard)
N3 PNP MIL Connector
NE No I/O Unit
Option Bypass Circuit Unit B Separate Bypass Circuit Unit is required.
CE Conformity Q CE Mark will be applied on the tester Separate CE Declaration is available upon a request.
Wide range Differential Pressure Sensor (DPS) D4 DPS F.S. 10 kPa


LS-1881 Controller

LU-80A Pneumatic Circuit Unit