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Company Name Cosmo Instruments Co., Ltd.
Business Line Manufacturing, sales and service of measurement instruments for industrial use
Manufacturing and sales of plastic products for industrial use
Calibration of measurement instruments
Products – Air Leak Testers
– Pressure Gauges
– Flowmeters
– Pressure/Flow Controllers
– Sound Vibration Analyzer (Movelet)
– Measurement Machines/Systems
– Plastic Products for industrial use (Cosmo Super Gel etc.)
Established June 25, 1970
Capital JPY 72,000,000
Number of Employees 165
President Tomoyuki Furuse
Headquarter Headquarter/Factory
2974-23 Ishiskawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0032
Phone: 042-642-1357
Fax: 042-646-2439
Sales Offices in Japan
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Tohoku Sales Offices
Kita-Kanto Sales Offices
Tokyo Sales Offices
Hamamatsu Sales Offices
Nagoya Sales Offices
Osaka Sales Offices
Hiroshima Sales Offices
Kyushu Sales Offices
New Development Center
Worldwide Sales and Service Network
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China, USA, Korea Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Germany, Australia,Mexico

Management philosophy

Purpose of Cosmo

Make a contribution to society through our customers

Cosmo’s Sense of Values

– To have a strong commitment to customer service to solve the customers’ issues through our products and services.
– To produce excellent, innovative and high-quality products.
– Those who always make an effort and try to improve will get rewarded
– Profit is the blood and meat for accomplishing purposes To produce profit through the jobs to make a contribution to society

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