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Message from the President

Make a contribution to society through our customers

which inherits the spirit of our founder Kiyoshi Furuse to use our products, wisdom, and labor to solve the issues of our clients. Air Leak Testers began with the automation of cylinder block airtightness tests for engines in 1970 and expanded their scope to a variety of auto parts, gas, water supply, medical care, electric appliances, electronics, and their utilization. Furthermore, in conjunction with the overseas expansion of Japanese automakers, in order to realize after-sales service on the manufacturing sites of our clients, from 1983 we commenced our own overseas expansion. Currently we have 13 countries and have developed the same proposal activities and after-sales service activities overseas as in Japan.
Our Air Leak Testers are being widely utilized on manufacturing sites in regions around the world in the auto industry and a variety of other industries as well. We will continue to evolve our products and we ourselves will exercise our wisdom and work up a sweat on the sites of our customers in regions around the world to help to deliver high quality products to society through the businesses of our customers.Going forward we will continue our activities making large contributions to society through our customers who need us, by delivering the value of “quality” to our customers. That is not necessarily an easy path to follow but we will continue to contribute to society by always challenging ourselves in new areas without fearing failure.

President Tomoyuki Furuse