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Notice About Repair Support for Old Products

Ten or more years have passed since the products listed below were produced, and replacement parts are difficult to source.
The repair support period has ended for these products for which over 10 years have passed. Depending on the problem, they may be unrepairable.
Additionally, even if a part can be sourced and it can be repaired, it may take time to obtain the part and the part may be at the current cost. Thank you for your understanding.
As to checkups and calibrations, we will continue to perform them as long as the product is not broken or otherwise malfunctioning.

Table of Repair Support for Old Products
Leak testers and related products


1200 series・1300 series・1700 series・1750 series


1800 series・1810 series・1820 series・1821 series・1850 series・1853 series・1853N series
1830 series・1840 series・1841 series・1841N series・1841NX series
1760 series・1761 series・1860 series


14** series
LSG 1610 series・1410 series・1420 series・1740 series
Manometers and related products


3100 series・3300 series・3400 series・3500 series


301 series・302 series・303 series・310 series・310B series・320 series
Flow meters and related products


2000 series・2200 series


2700 series・2710 series・2800 series・2010 series


Controls and related products, other


4600 series


4200 series


5300 series
  DS-252・ DR-260・DF-720・DC-720
MC720(Old types, models with metal connectors as power supply connectors)

※ Repair service may be unavailable also for products not listed above, depending on the product’s condition and circumstances related to part supply.
※ Ten years have not passed since production for some products listed above.
Please contact us about the circumstances for old products not listed above.
※ The differential pressure sensor used in analog type leak testers is no longer available. (PT-110, 115).
※ The battery built into the LS-1820 and LS-1821 series (Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery) is no longer available.
※ The battery built into the LS-1830 and LS-1840 series (Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery) is no longer available.
※ The battery pack for the old type 720 controller is no longer available to source (limited to present stock).