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Cosmo’s Manufacturing and Craftsmanship

cosmos-manufacturing-img All the divisions work closely with each other to give you the optimum solution proposals with our extensive know-how, high-quality products and thorough services.



Understanding Customers’ Demands and Offering Optimum Solutions

We propose optimum solutions that meet your demands.
We provide you a seminar up on a request to utilize our products comfortably.



Research and Development for High Performance and Robust Products

We strive to develop better products that are sure to satisfy our customers.
In addition to the individual products, we also offer entire machine loading our products.



Manufacturing with High Regard for Quality and Environment

We manufacture products that are high in quality and consistency.
We make the critical parts such as sensors with great care in the clean room.

Quality Assurance Division


Assurance of Product Quality

We perform quality test and manage traceability to maintain the quality of our products.
ISO/IEC17025 accredited services are available.



Solid After-Purchasing Services

We respond promptly and flexibly to your  rinquiries working closely together with Cosmo’s sales/service offices all over the world.

Cosmo’s Efforts


Non-destructive testing — Qualification and certification of NDT personnel

Qualification and certification system based on the “Non-destructive testing — Qualification and certification of NDT personnel (NDIS 0605)” that complies with JIS Z 2305 has been introduced since the autumn of 2012 after the addition of the LT (leak testing) to the ISO 9712 as an International Standard.
A personnel certified in accordance with this International Standard is classified in one or more of the following three levels.
Level 1: A personnel has demonstrated competence to carry out leak testing according to the instructions under the supervision of Level 2 or Level 3 personnel.
Level 2: A personnel has demonstrated competence to carry out testing and provide instructions according to the established or approved procedures.
Level 3: A personnel has a general familiarity with Non-destructive testing (NDT) and has demonstrated competence to establish and approve examination techniques and procedures.
As a pioneer in air leak testing, Cosmo has been participating in a Committee for certification system from the beginning, contributing to qualification examination and education.
Also, we make efforts to promote acquisition of qualification as leak testing engineer by our employees as part of in-house training.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.