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Sealing Technology for Leak Testing

Knowledge required to understand air leak testers.
Information here cover a wide range, from the basics to hints for leak tests.
We provide Cosmo Calculation Sheets as Excel sheets, for easy calculation of each equation in a clearly understandable format.

Sealing methods for leak testing

Sealing methods for leak testing Sealing technology is very important to reliably performing leak tests.
Here, we list some topics related to actual sealing methods and sealing technology.1.Sealing gaskets

  • Gasket seals
  • O-ring seals
  • Recommended design for O-ring grooves
  • Sealing WORKs with large openings

2. Clamp mechanisms

  • Tooling stoppers
  • Calculating clamping force
  • Floating mechanisms
  • Guide rods

3. Toolings resistant to effects of temperature

  • Sealing tooling materials
  • Use of stoppers
  • Clamp materials
  • Core materials

4. Preventing internal leaks

  • Cautions when installing a core inside a capsule
  • When the core must be secured
  • When the volumetric capacity is low and
    the test time is short



The sealing material developed specifically for this purpose by a leak tester manufacturer

Sealing of complicated shapes, perpendicular surfaces, cast surfaces—various surfaces must be sealed.

  • Cosmo Super Gel Gasket—please look here
  • Elliptical rings—please look here