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The Basics and Application of Leak Test Technology

Knowledge required to understand air leak testers.Information here cover a wide range, from the basics to hints for leak tests.We provide Cosmo Calculation Sheets as Excel sheets, for easy calculation of each equation in a clearly understandable format.

The Advantages of Using Air Leak Testers


Learn the basics of leak testing, such as the advantages of differential pressure air leak testers and explanations of the various methods of leak testing.

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An Overview of Testing Methods


Describes in detail the operating principles and mechanism of differential pressure air leak testers.

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The Basics of Setting Up


Explains the relationship between differential pressure and leak rate, how to calculate the leak rate and detection time settings, how to compare the leak rate of gases and liquids, etc.
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Sealing Technology


These are the sealing technologies We also explain our company’s sealing material.

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Cosmo Calculation Sheet


Various calculations are collected on Excel sheets. Fill in the values to get the answers.Equations related to leaks, as well as other calculations such as for pressure flow are included, for extensive use.

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Air Leak Testers and Characteristics of Gases


A summary of the theories that form the basis for leak testers. At Cosmo Instruments, we base the development of our products on these theories.

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