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How to choose Air Leak Tester

For standard leak test

Leak test to measure the leakage coming
out of tested parts by pressurizing inside
the part with a test pressure between
5 kPa and 1.5 MPa.
LS-R902 LS-R700 LS-1881 LS-1866

Choosing Tester By The Specifications Of The Part To Be Tested

Test pressure is rather high between 1.5 MPa to 4.9 MPa LS-R902
Testing by high pressure above 5MPa LS-R740(SH)
Parts that deform by pressurization Contact us for details.
Sealed and deformable component Package leak testers Contact us for details.
Sealed products which hardly deform LS-R740(SH) LZ-1550
Part temperature is hotter or colder than the ambient temperature such cases as right after welding or washing process. LS-902(T)
Temperature mpensation Model
Part volume is quite small LS-R902(Micro-volume pneumatic circuit) LS-R700(Micro-volume pneumatic circuit)
Leak specification is large.  Test for large leaks AF-R220
Want to test both discharge flow and leak. LS-1866(FD)

Choosing Tester By Required Features

Multiple Air Leak Testers.
Want to test multiple parts simultaneously.
Multiple Cavities Test.
Want to test multiple cavities on one part simultaneously.
Test log storage Feature
Want to store test logs in USB memory.
LS-R902 LS-R700 LS-1881
Self-Check FeaturesTester checks performance of valves and differential pressure sensor inside the tester at the end of each test. LS-R902 LS-R700 LS-1881 LS-1866
CE Conformity LS-R902 LS-R700 LS-1881 AF-R220 DP-340BA
Mastering feature
Want to remove noise portions from the measured leak.
Want to reduce test time.
Want to avoid Reference part (MASTER) changeover.
LS-R902 LS-R700 LS-1881 LS-1866(Master-Preset)