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How to Implement Leak Testing

1.Understanding Customer’s Requirements

We try to fully and clearly understand your needs and requests including the test parts (your products), specifications (leak, test time, number of test parts, incidental equipment), purpose of test, and so on.
We support you carefully and thoroughly to help realize them. Contact us if you consider introducing leak testers or if you have any concerns about introducing leak testers.

2.Meeting / Proposal

We propose solutions, including the testers, test time, test specifications, test methods, etc. to meet your needs.

3.Advance Validation

The testing you choose can be validated before you decide to purchase the tester.

  • Use our demo testers so that you can validate the leak test in your production line.
  • We can also validate the leak test at Cosmo if we can use your test parts.
4.Production / Delivery

After final confirmation, we will decide on the best tester to be used.
When you consider introducing a leak test machine, we will prepare quotation specifications and drawings to ensure we can meet your needs so that we can start production with certainty.

5.Introduction to Production Line

We give advice on the installation of the leak testers or leak test machine into your production line.
We will continue to do our best to support you also after your introduction of our products.

6.Operation / After-Purchasing Services

Our staff with abundant knowledge and experience respond to your requests and questions such as: how to use the testers; periodic inspection and maintenance; and consultation when you consider changing the test machine to add more test parts.
We also hold workshops such as leak test seminars upon request.

Cosmo provides the best solutions for all your requirements.
  • Quantification of leak specifications
  • Statistical understanding of test data
  • Reduction of defective products,
    Improvement of yield and productivity
  • Maintenance of the traceability of
    measuring equipment
  • Reduction of complaints
  • Automation and labor-saving in
    production lines
  • Improvement of work environment