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Flow Master FM-2B


Flow Master FM-2B is ideal for flow measurement and daily inspection of flow testers

FM-2B is a standard flowmeter with a fixed pressure and flow.
Unlike float-type flowmeters, there is no need to determine the flow using a regulator valve and no trouble such as damage to the float due to inrush pressure.

Edge & Function


Customized to the specified pressure and flow.
Use as a standard for testing and comparing flowmeters.

● Check the sensitivity of flow testers easily and reliably.

● Maintains the same flow for a long period of time.

● Use as a flow master for measuring deviation flow. (Test for ventilation and bore diameter of holes)

● Can be connected to the CAL port of Cosmo’s flow tester.

● Can be used in Flow Check (C-CHK), (F-CHK) of AF series.

● Joints for connecting to the piping available. Easy connection and disconnection with a plug.

● Traceability certificate available upon request.

● ISO/IEC17025 calibration available.
  Customized to the desired flow. Use it as a reference instrument.

Example of use with our Air Flow Tester


FM-2B Specifications

Customized to the desired flow. Use it as a reference instrument.
When placing an order, specify the test pressure and flow in the following ranges.

Flow Pressure
50 mL/min to 3 L/min 1 to 10 kPa Pressure
100 mL/min to 10 L/min 10.1 to 21 kPa
200 mL/min to 15 L/min 21.1 to 51 kPa
300 mL/min to 25 L/min 51.1 to 100 kPa
500 mL/min to 35 L/min 100.1 to 151 kPa
500 mL/min to 45 L/min 151 to 200 kPa
500 mL/min to 55 L/min 201 to 250 kPa
500 mL/min to 65 L/min 251 to 300 kPa
500 mL/min to 70 L/min 301 to 350 kPa
500 mL/min to 80 L/min 351 to 400 kPa
50 mL/min to 3 L/min – 1 to – 10 kPa Vacuum
100 mL/min to 10 L/min – 10.1 to -21 kPa
100 mL/min to 15 L/min – 21.1 to -50 kPa
200 mL/min to 5 L/min -50.1 to -89 kPa

Accuracy (Difference from the required flow) : Within ±10%
Up to 999 mL/min (in units of 0.1 mL/min),
Up to 20 L/min (in units of 0.1 L/min),
Beyond that, specify in units of up to 1 L/min.

Pressure: 1 to 400 kPa,For less than 200 kPa: In units of 0.1 kPa.
Pressure: -1 to -89kPa,For others: In units of 1 kPa

Main body: FM-2B
Accessories: (IN-side and OUT-side joints (1 set), O-ring (3 pcs.)

Specifications R2, R3, R4 series

HIGH-side joint LOW-side joint
Diameter R1/4(R2) R1/4
Diameter R1/4(R21) φ8 tube joint
Diameter R1/4(R22) R1/2
Diameter R1/2(R3) R1/4
Diameter R1/2(R31) φ8 tube joint
Diameter R1/2(R32) R1/2
Diameter Φ8(R4) R1/4
Diameter Φ8(R41) φ8 tube joint
Diameter Φ8(R42) R1/2



R2,21,22 model

R3,31,32 model

R4,41,42 model