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Air volume tester AV-5500


  • AV-5500-350dpi-trim-091013

High-speed, high-accuracy volume tester that uses the air pressure

AV-5500 is a volume tester which can detect the internal volume of a tested workpiece with high-accuracy, and make a judgment. It measures the differences in volume between the tested workpiece and the reference part by the air pressure. Also, the absolute volume can be measured

Edge & Function

Automatic volume compensation when leak occurs

Even when there is small leak in the tested workpiece or sealing area, the volume can be accurately measured by automatic compensation.

Leak test function is also available

AV-5500 has a function of the leak test. Leak in the tested workpiece can be detected.

Test pressure compensation

With the highly accurate pressure sensor, volume of the tested workpiece always measured accurately by automatic compensation function



Differential pressure range (Resolution) Standard ±10kPa (1Pa)
Accuracy of volume measurement (Depending on the condition) ±0.3% (Accuracy range: ±5% of absolute volume)
Test pressure range Standard: 200kPa
Option: With electropneumatic regulator 100kPa
Compensation Measured volume when leak occurs
Test pressure compensation
Zero adjustment of volume difference with the reference part
Pneumatic circuit Pneumatic circuit with air-operated valves
Number of channels 32 (Judgment, timer setting, volume calibration)
Upper/Lower limit setting 4 settings (HH. HI, LO, LL)
Quality management screen 1000 data (The number of channels limited)
Display unit Volume difference mL
Absolute volume mL
Leak test mL/min,Pa
Test pressure kPa
Data output RS232C
I/O Open collector
Power source 100~240VAC (50~60Hz)
Dimensions 282×296×325
Integrated model