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Digital flowmeter DF-2820


Air flow meter with multi-display, multi-function which equips the laminar flow tube

Handles a wide range of requirements, from in-line inspections to laboratory examination.
Flow sensor features a laminar flow tube that delivers highly accurate readings of ±1%.
Large LCD screen displays flow rates and other useful information

Edge & Function


Large LCD Panel

Extensive range of flows, from very low to very high

RS232C included as standard for data collection

32 channels available to have various setting

2-level limit setting for high and low flow screening

DF-2800/2810 compatible I/O port for easy switching between models

Up to 9 interchangeable laminar flow tubes for multi-range measurements

Flow sensor Laminar flow tube Set Modes Basic: Quick setup of basic setting
Advanced: Customization of detailed setting
Display Full dot LCD panel with backlight Flow ranges Supports up to 9 laminar flow tubes
Backlight brightness Adjustable Conversion temperature 20℃、0℃、25℃
Limit setting Two high-level (HH & HI) and one low-level (LO) limit setting Digital filter Filter constant from 0 to 30 to average the readings and produce highly stable measurements
Flow rate display modes Converted flow rate: Volumetric flow rate converted by 1 atm at the conversion temperature
Equivalent flow rate: Equivalent flow rate at 20℃ and 1 atm when using the part as an orifice
Password changes Can specify any 4-digit number as the password
RS-232C Provided as standard item. Compatibility with DF-2800 allows for interactive communication Output port compatibility (Option) Supports the contact output compatible with DF-2800/2810 series



Flow sensor Laminar flow tube
Pressure media Air
Flow ranges 9 ranges, up to 8 interchangeable laminar flow tube for multi-range measurements
Number of channels 32ch(0~31)
Flow unit display mL/min、L/min、mL/s、L/s、L/h、m3/h, (CFH,CFM) Units in parentheses are not available on SI unit models
Pressure unit display kPa,MPa,(PSI,kg/cm2,Bar,mbar,mmHg,cmHg,inHg,mmH2O) Units in parentheses are not available on SI unit models
Automatic test pressure correction (Option) Integrated pressure sensor for automatic correction
Automatic barometric pressure correction (Option) Integrated barometric pressure sensor for automatic correction
Absolute pressure sensor: Absolute pressure range of 800 to 1200hPa
Analog output (Option) 5V and 10V output for analog display
BDC (Option) Flow rate and test pressure
Output port compatibility (Option) I/O port compatible with DF-2800/2810
Power source AC100~240V±10%, 50/60Hz,100VA max
Power cable can be selected either AC125V or AC250V
Connection port Rc1/8
Operating Temperature 5~45 ℃
Humidity Max. 80% , no condensation
Weight Approx. 11kg
Dimensions W299×H197×D380 mm
RS-232C format DF format Fixed length output Data output: 1200, 9600, 19200
28 format Fixed length output Same output format as the DF-2800 series
Serial printer format Printer format Output data and setting
RS-232C baud rate 1200、9600、19200bps
Standard and accessories Quick connection fittings, I/O connectors, power cable, inspection report, Traceability documents and operation manual



Classification Code Description
A Flow sensor F4 Power cable
B Option P Automatic test pressure correction (Option)
K Automatic barometric pressure correction (Option)
T Fixed fitting (L-shaped)
A1 Analog output (Flow rate)
A2 Analog output (Flow rate, test pressure)
D BCD output
R Compatible I/O connector with DF-2800/2810
H High test pressure (400kPa or higher)
C Power cable VA Power cable AC125V 3m
VE Power cable AC250V 2m

Flow ranges (Laminar flow tubes sold separately)

Code Laminar flow tube model L range and display digits U range and display digits Max. operating test pressure Accuracy
10ML LF-104N-10C 0.00 ~ 10.00 mL/min 990kPa Barometric pressure: ±1% of F.S. ±1digit
Test pressure: ±3% of F.S. ±1digit
20ML LF-104N-20C 0.00 ~ 20.00 mL/min
50ML LF-104N-50C 0.0 ~ 50.0 mL/min
100ML LF-104N-100C 0.0 ~ 100.0 mL/min
200ML LF-104N-200C 0.0 ~ 200.0 mL/min
500ML LF-104N-500C 0 ~ 500 mL/min
1L LF-104N-1L 0.000 ~ 0.300 L/min 0.300 ~ 1.000 L/min 700kPa U range and Barometric pressure: ±1% of R.D. ±1digit
U range and Test pressure: ±3% of R.D. ±1digit
L range and Barometric pressure: ±1% of F.S. ±1digit
`L range and Test pressure: ±3% of F.S. ±1digit
2L LF-104N-2L 0.000 ~ 0.600 L/min 0.600 ~ 2.000 L/min
5L LF-104N-5L 0.000 ~ 1.500 L/min 1.50 ~ 5.00 L/min
10L LF-104N-10L 0.00 ~ 3.00 L/min 3.00 ~ 10.00 L/min 500kPa
20L LF-104N-20L 0.00 ~ 6.00 L/min 6.00 ~ 20.00 L/min
30L LF-104N-30L 0.00 ~ 9.00 L/min 9.0 ~ 30.0 L/min
50L LF-105BN-50L 0.00 ~ 15.00 L/min 15.0 ~  50.0 L/min 350kPa
100L LF-105BN-100L 0.0 ~ 30.0 L/min 30.0 ~ 100.0 L/min
200L LF2-200L 0.0 ~ 60.0 L/min 60.0 ~ 200.0 L/min 50kPa
500L LF2-500L 0.0 ~ 150.0 L/min 150 ~ 500 L/min

NOTE1:Ranges mentioned above indicate the flow rate under barometric pressure
NOTE2:Model numbers containing “N” indicate that the temperature sensor connectors used is different from that of previous model

Test pressure sensor ranges

10kPa, 20kPa, 50kPa, 100kPa, 200kPa, 500kPa, 1000kPa